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CTS - Universal ECU Breakout Cable

CTS - Universal ECU Breakout Cable

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This universal pin-out cable allows you to connect easily and comfortably to most types of control units.

Now with even more connections and pin types, you can connect to a wide variety of ecus.
The cable is fitted with an OBD2 female plug allowing connection to any OBD flash tool.
Female OBD2 port
Power connections by 12V and GND crocodile clips or 2.1mm DC power jack. (Power supply not included)
Power confirmation LED indicator
6 x 12V connectors for ECU
6 x GND connectors for ECU
3 x switched ignition connectors for ECU
Switched ECU Power (ON/OFF)
Switched CAN bus termination resistors (60Ω / 120Ω / OFF)
Switch-able ignition pins (OFF / ON / K-Line) for tools using K-Line for reset function
2 x CAN Low
2 x CAN High
1 x CAN2 Low (Ford / Volvo)
1 x CAN2 High (Ford / Volvo)
2 x K-Line
1 x L-Line
1 x VPP (OBD2 Pin 13)
Kline with diode N4148 for reset function
Bootpins: 560Ω / 1KΩ / 4.7KΩ

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