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Micro SMD Grabber Probe

Micro SMD Grabber Probe

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Designed for use with:

Surface Mount Devices and PQEP packages up to 0.0196" (0.5mm) lead pitch,
0.006" (0.1524mm) wire
Where a connection point is very small.
Moulded plastic parts are durable nylon with an insulated hook shaft allowing for simultaneous side-by-side connections and connection in tight spaces.ÿ

Micro Clip Dimensions; Body Width 1.73mm, Body Height including lever 17.02mm, Probe Tip Dia. 0.64mm

To ensure accurate readings this micro hook is designed with no sliding contact points so the hooks are directly connected to the connection pin plug.

The pin plug isÿ0.029" (0.74mm) diameter gold-plated leaded nickel copper to enable connection into a socket lead.ÿ
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