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DPF Control – VAG CR Group + DIODE

DPF Control – VAG CR Group + DIODE

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M.S.-Group DPF Control Module

A device plugged into the vehicle OBD socket that will monitor and inform you about the start and end of the regeneration procedure of the particle filter in your VAG Group car. The device allows you to reduce fuel consumption and extend the life of the DPF due to its proper operation. In addition, the proper operation of the DPF filter protects the engine as well as the turbocharger.

The device is supplied with a mountable LED indicator.

Please enter the engine code when purchasing, this information will allow us to continuously develop the device.
If you have questions about the operation of the device, please read the detailed manual of the device available --> HERE
This device does not support three-letter engine codes(starting with B), e.g. BLS, BUG, BMP, etc., and also does not support ECUs older than EDC17 (e.g.: EDC16, EDC15).

If you have purchased the device and have any doubts as to its operation or handling, please contact us in the first instance by email.


"DPF Control got 7 working modes- depends on ECU, generally it can same-self choose right mode, in few cases (engine codes) it is necessary to change it manually.

For DNAB for 99% it should be mode "after 3rd beep". link for google drive- you can find short video how to properly change working mode.

1.turn power on

2.hold button till you will hear 4th beep

3.release button 

4. After 3rd beep push it and release quick ( releasing quickly is important)-ÿ (like on video)

5. After it please turn on/off DPF Control 2 times- also like on video

*Above description direct from the manufacturer
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